Easter egg craft

Glue Recipe on the left, and Flour recipe on the right

As it was getting close to Easter, I kept seeing the Easter Egg project that used yarn.  I figured that it would be pretty simple to make. So I searched the internet finding the recipe that held it together.  I found 2 recipes and I figured I would try both of them to see which one would work the best.  The two recipes that I tried used glue and flour.  The first one called for using Elmers glue and water.  I used a whole bottle of the glue and filled the bottle 1/4 full of water to make a mix.  I soaked the yarn in the mixture.  Before doing this I put candy in balloons and blew them up a little bit.  (I found it easier to use a pump to blow them up).  I cut a bunch of yarn a few feet long to wrap all around the balloons.  After soaking the yarn in the glue mixture, I wrapped it around the balloon, trying not to have any big gaps.  It took 2 days for this to fully dry. I flipped it after day one so the bottom dried. 
The flour mixture is one that I use for pinatas.  I used 2 cups of water with 1 cup of flour.  I did the same thing with the yarn and balloon.   This mixture also took 2 days to fully dry. 

In the end I found that the glue mixture did not hold up as well.  As I was taking the balloons out the yarn collapsed and it was hard to get it back into shape.  It also left the glue "skin" all over that I had to cut and pull off.  The egg did not feel sturdy and the candies just fell out of them.

The flour mixture, in my opinion was a lot better.  They yarn was hard and sturdy.  It did not collapse as the balloons were deflated.  This held the candy and was a little flexible so that if you wanted to add the candy after it was done instead of trying to squeeze them into a balloon, you are able to. 

This project is something I can see doing at Christmas time too by making them Christmas ornaments with your children!