Friday, August 14, 2015

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

(Disclosure:  I received the following package from Influenster.  All opinions are my own.)

Living in Florida, it is shorts season pretty much all year round.  Some people are lucky enough with naturally tanned legs and some people (cough, cough) need a little work getting tanned.  The Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs works great!  I was sent a sample from Influenster to test out.  I am loving this product.  It is easy to get a nice, non-streaky, natural tan look while being moisturized.  This product has a nice scent which is not overwhelming and doesn't smell like tanning lotion.  I like that there are different shades to choose from and the light shade was just right for me.

About the product:

Now you can give your legs a makeover in seconds with out new Airbrush Legs.  No sun.  No salon.  No streaks.  Just flawless-looking, irresistible, sexy legs.  This lightweight leg makeup, enriched with Palmaria Extract, enhances coverage of freckles, veins and imperfections so legs look and feel silky, smooth and sexy.  Comes in 5 shades to match any skin tone.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Faithgirlz NIV Bible

(Disclosure:  I received this book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

Being a children's church leader, I think it is important for all the children to have a bible of their own.  The Faithgirlz Bible is great for the young ladies in my group!  This Bible is geared towards pre-teen and young teenaged girls.  The design is super cute.  The NIV is easy for them to read.  I love all the extras that are put into this Bible.  It really encourages girls to actually do more than read the Bible but to also apply it to their own lives!  It would make an amazing gift for any girl!

About the book:

This special binding of the Faithgirlz! Bible, NIV offers a trendy and unique magnetic closure.  Every girl wants to know she's totally unique and special.  This Bible says that with Faithgirlz! sparkle.  Through the many in-text features found only in the Faithgirlz! Bible, NIV girls will grow closer to God as they discover the journey of a lifetime.

Features include:
Book introductions- Read about the who, when, where, and what of each book
Dream Girl- use your imagination to put yourself in the story
Bring It On!- Take quizzes to really get to know yourself
Is There a Little (Eve, Ruth, Isaiah) in You?-See for yourself what you have in common
Words to Live By- check out these Bible verses that are great for memorizing
What happens Next- Create a list of events to tell a Bible story in your own words
Oh, I Get It!- Find answers to Bible questions you've wondered about.

What is your favorite book of the Bible?

7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage

(Disclosure:  I received this book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

Marriage is tough.  It is also so worth it.  I have been married to the love of my life for over 10 years now and I love every moment of it.  Every marriage has its ups and downs and we should fight for our marriage and not give up the moment a problem comes up.  I believe that most marriages that end are because they choose to give up and not fight to stay together.  In this book 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage there is some really great advice here that helps you have a successful marriage.  There is also many real life stories throughout this book, which is my favorite part of books.  You really get to learn from these stories and they help you feel like you are not alone!  This would be great for someone who is newly married as a gift or to someone who is struggling in their marriage.

About this book:

This book offers real, practical, readable marriage advice from a Christian counselor who has worked with couples for thirty years.

Strong, successful marriages require hard work and a guide.  Dr. Kim Kimberling is that wise guide, and this book and its tools show wives and husbands how the kind of communication and intimacy that results in loving, lifelong marriages can be theirs.

Kimberling offers insights like connecting everyday in spite of what's in the way, learning how to fight in the right ways, stopping the insanity of doing the same thing over and over even when it isn't working, and finding that the best sex ever is well within the context of Christian marriages.

7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage is filled with stories-stories of people who struggle and stories of people who struggle and win.

Marriage books are highly sought after and represent a strong felt need by consumers.  Marriages are in jeopardy as much as ever with nearly 50% ending in divorce.  The secrets in this book work and offer couples real hop and a template for change.

What advice would you give to a newly married couple?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Spirit Of Giving #SSGiving

Usually during the winter holidays is normally when people get into the Mompact Summer Spirit of Giving.  There are still 11 months in the rest of the year that people could still be in need of someone who has the spirit of giving.  I know that some people think that giving usually means something that costs money, but in reality, it doesn't have to.  Just the other day, I had my sons help me mow our elderly neighbors yard.  I was teaching them that it is okay to help out someone without being asked, and without expecting something in return.  I think it sunk in with them.  I also love sharing Boogie Wipes with random parents that I see.  (Boogie Wipes is a great mom made product that helps young children with runny noses!)  There are so many ways that you can share the giving spirit with others, here are just a couple of ideas:  

Hand out water bottles on a hot summer day
Collect things for nursing homes
Make a dinner for someone who is sick 

Also, get the children involved.  Teaching this upcoming generation about kindness and giving could be a great thing for our future!  

I think that this is a great event from MomPact.  (MomPact is a great place to find out how to make your own company and find companies that were developed by moms just like us.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Virtuous DVD

(Disclosure:  I received this movie in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions shared are my own.)

I absolutely love reviewing movies.  I love adding films to our family library that we can all watch without the worries of foul language or inappropriate scenes.  Virtuous is one of those movies I am glad I have.  When it first started, I was thinking there is some over-acting going on and I am watching another cheesy Christian movie.  Once you get past that, the storyline draws you in.  I found myself really into this movie and hoping that everything worked out with the characters.  It's a good film that I could show in my youth group or young adult class at church.

Check out this trailer:

About the movie:

When a young woman, Simone Burner is accused of murdering the man who assaulted her, she seeks out the help of attorney Jack Evans to prove her innocence.  A ruthless and corrupt prosecutor engages her in a trial that brings the past she's longed to escape to the forefront of her defense.  "Virtuous" will inspire and ignite you to live the principles of proverbs 31-faith, integrity, wisdom and honor.

What is your favorite family friendly film?

Women are Scary

(Disclosure:  I received this book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

So, I'll be honest, women are scary lol.  I don't have a lot of women friends.  I find it hard to be friends with women because I feel that lots of women can be judgmental towards each other.  I also spent the last 10 years busy being a mom to my boys and now that they are at an independent age, I find that I don't have many women that I can call up to chat.  I have lots of acquaintances but not that one really good friend.  I desire to have that friendship with another mom but, it is awkward to form that friendship.  It's like I am back at the first day of school.  The book Women Are Scary nailed it.  It talks about all the different mommy wars that we have and how to overcome those and become the friends that we need.  This book would be a great gift for a new mom so that she can get ahead of the game and make that mom friend.

About the book:

A popular blogger offers solid advice to forming mom relationships, leading readers from acquaintances to lifelong friends.  Too many women are frazzled and lonely, isolated in their minivans while schlepping bags, strollers, and munchkins to and fro across town.  It doesn't have to be this way.  In this hilarious yet thought-provoking guide to "momlationships," blogger Melanie Dale uses a dating analogy to help women get more intentional about bonding with each other.  "We are better together," she writes.  "We make each other better moms, better humans.  We need each other, because mothering is just too darn hard."  Using humor and stories from the trenches of motherhood, Women are Scary leads readers from acquaintances to lifelong friends.  "This is our journey to each other," Melanie continues, "to finding our people and being other people's people, learning how to bless each other and not destroy each other.

All Groan Up

(Disclosure:  I received this book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

You've graduated high school.  Finished getting your college degree.  Now what?  What are you supposed to do now that you are an "adult"?  In the book  All Groan Up, Paul Angone talks about his journey into adulthood.  He opens up about his own personal experiences and how he has become the person he has.  There were some hilarious parts to this book, and some parts of this book, I felt like he was describing my life.  This book would be a good gift to give someone in college or going to college.

About this book:

This is the honest and hilarious story of author Paul Angone as he emerges into the unknowns of adulthood.  Angone writes about life's biggest transition with humor and hope, wit and wisdom,  snark and sarcasm, all with complete and utter transparency about the most defining decade of our lives.
Come on, how hard can it be?  It's a question millions of students are asking themselves right now, thinking about life after college.  When will life feel like it's supposed to?  It's a question millions of graduates are asking themselves right now, thinking about life after college.  You're not alone in this twenty-something struggle, quips author Paul Angone.  All Groan Up is for college students who are great at pinpointing what they don't want to do, and for college grads who are struggling with pinpointing who they want to be-as thoughts of changing the world take a back seat to the reality of making a living and moving out of their parents basement.  This juicy, brilliant, and candid story of Paul's own journey into adulthood to find the secret to the ever so coveted purposeful and impassioned life-or just a job that pays-is eloquently penned and hilariously relatable.  When adulthood goes awry, when goals have gone astray, when handy life plans have gone up in flames, All Groan Up is a must read for twenty somethings and their parents and loved ones.