Thursday, April 24, 2014

Together: Growing Appetites for God

(Disclosure:  I recevied this book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own!)

As a Christian mom, I want my children to see me reading the Bible.  I want them to read the Bible for themselves.  I have thought in the past about reading the Bible all the way through with them but I haven't done so because I thought it would be too difficult.  My kids are pretty young to sit down for a while and I am unsure they will understand some of it and I don't know if I have the knowledge to explain the things in it.  I received the book, Together: Growing Appetites for God.  This book is about one family who reads the Bible together every day, and they successfully did so!  This book encourages me in trying this out with my kids.  Now in this book, it did not always work out like she planned but she comes to find out that her kids are acting out the stories they were being read.  I found myself laughing at these stories because I can totally see my boys doing the same thing.  I think that this is a great book for parents to read to be encouraged to read with their kids!  I love that this book has discussion questions in the end of it so that if you are doing a small group book study you can talk about it! 

About this book:

Christian parents have a responsibility to make sure their children know and love God's Word.  but what if you struggle as a parent to read the Bible yourself?  how can you pass a love for God's Word along to your children if you struggle yourself?  That was Carrie Ward's story.  Until God gave her a plan to help her develop a consistent time in the Word, right along with her children.  Readers will walk together with Carrie Ward, an everyday mama, as she journeys through the Bible with her small children one chapter a day.  As her children re-enact the Bible stories readers will be able to see Scripture through the eyes of a child.  Parents will learn how to impart God' truth to the children day by day, and will see its transforming power on their families.  Together: Growing Appetites for God is an easy read and includes helpful tools for scripture memorization and charts to follow progress through the Bible.

How do you teach your children the Word of God?

Just A Minute

(Disclosure:  I received this book in order to facilate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

 "In the Heart of a Child, One Moment...Can Last Forever."  Those words are so true!  Children grow up way too fast and as parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, we need to take the minute and make the difference in these children's lives.  Just A Minute by Wess Stafford, includes stories of people taking the time to work in a child.  Some of these stories really touched my heart!  This book made me stop and take a look at my own kids.  I want to be sure that I am doing everything I can to make sure they know that I believe in them and I support them in everything that they do.  It's not just my kids, I want to make sure that all my neices and nephews know that they have someone who is on their side!
There are so many children in the world who don't have anyone believing in them and have people tearing them down and these children are our next generation.  If no one is encouraging them to live out their dreams, what are we doing?

About the book:

68 Stories that will inspire you to bless a child's life!  Do you remember that one moment (or maybe there were several) that changed your life when you were a child-and shaped part of who you are today?  We all have those stories, and we can all, now, make those stories happen!  All it takes in one moment out of your busy day, and you can be that someone in the life of the very next child who comes across your path.  Read story after powerful story of lives changed because someone took just a minute to connect in the life of a child.  Stay alert-you never know when your opportunity will come.

Who was the one person who made a difference in your life?

101 Conversation Starters for Couples

(Disclosure:  I received this book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

I love Gary Chapman books.  So when I saw this was a book I could review, I got it.  101 Conversation Starters for Couples is a fun little book intended to get you and your spouse talking to each other.  These topics range from light conversations like: Who was your best friend in junior high school? To deeper thought questions like: Which Biblical event do you wish you had more understanding of?  I like that this book has Christian topics in it to talk about.  The size of this book is perfect for the glove box in the car for that road trip.  You can use these questions pretty much anywhere.  Even though it says it is for couples, it really can be used with anyone.  Some of the questions I could ask my kids or my parents.

About this book:
Your spouse is a fascinating person, a treasure trove of meaningful, humorous, and profound experiences, thoughts, feelings, ideas, memories, hopes, dreams, beliefs and convictions.  These 101 questions, developed by marriage experts Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages, and Roman Presson, are to be used as conversation starters for you and your mate.

What is one question that you would love to ask your spouse?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Purex No Sort Laundry Detergent

(Disclosure:  I received the product below in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

 I have never been one to sort my laundry.  I know I should not admit that but it is true.  I find it time consuming and with a family of five, (3 of the 5 are young boys) I have a lot of dirty laundry.  I find myself just trying to get it all done.  Lucky for me, Purex came out with a product called Purex No Sort.  This detergent is one that you don't have to sort your laundry and you don't have to worry about your clothes getting messed up with different colors!

After received this detergent, I decided to go ahead and try it out.  I always have a load of laundry to do.  I have been using this product for a week now and my clothes are coming out clean, fresh, and there are no color bleeds on any of my clothing.  This has a light fresh scent to it that is not over powering.

About Purex No Sort:  Purex No Sort for colors detergents is the latest laundry innovation from the Purex brand designed to simplify your laundry routine  Purex No Sort for Colors detergent features a break through Anti Color Transfer Technology which traps loose dyes in the wash and reduces color bleeding accidents in your mixed color loads leaving your clothes bright and clean.  It is packed with innovation, but it can't perform miracles, so please follow these words of advice:  wash strongly colored fabrics or new pieces of clothing, especially jeans, separately at least 5 times before doing a mixed color load with Purex No Sort. 

Purex Sweepstakes:

To celebrate the release of the NEW Purex No Sort for Colors detergent, the Purex brand will be hosting a sweepstakes.  One grand prize winner will receive $1,000 while 100 2nd place winners will receive a coupon for free Purex No Sort for Colors Detergent!

Easter egg craft

Glue Recipe on the left, and Flour recipe on the right

As it was getting close to Easter, I kept seeing the Easter Egg project that used yarn.  I figured that it would be pretty simple to make. So I searched the internet finding the recipe that held it together.  I found 2 recipes and I figured I would try both of them to see which one would work the best.  The two recipes that I tried used glue and flour.  The first one called for using Elmers glue and water.  I used a whole bottle of the glue and filled the bottle 1/4 full of water to make a mix.  I soaked the yarn in the mixture.  Before doing this I put candy in balloons and blew them up a little bit.  (I found it easier to use a pump to blow them up).  I cut a bunch of yarn a few feet long to wrap all around the balloons.  After soaking the yarn in the glue mixture, I wrapped it around the balloon, trying not to have any big gaps.  It took 2 days for this to fully dry. I flipped it after day one so the bottom dried. 
The flour mixture is one that I use for pinatas.  I used 2 cups of water with 1 cup of flour.  I did the same thing with the yarn and balloon.   This mixture also took 2 days to fully dry. 

In the end I found that the glue mixture did not hold up as well.  As I was taking the balloons out the yarn collapsed and it was hard to get it back into shape.  It also left the glue "skin" all over that I had to cut and pull off.  The egg did not feel sturdy and the candies just fell out of them.

The flour mixture, in my opinion was a lot better.  They yarn was hard and sturdy.  It did not collapse as the balloons were deflated.  This held the candy and was a little flexible so that if you wanted to add the candy after it was done instead of trying to squeeze them into a balloon, you are able to. 

This project is something I can see doing at Christmas time too by making them Christmas ornaments with your children! 

Easy way to dye eggs!

Having three kids, I am always on the lookout on finding easy ways to do things.  Dyeing eggs with 3 kids usually ends up pretty messy.  The eggs normally fall off the metal thing that comes in the dye kit or the spoon and it splashes making a mess.  So, while I was in the kitchen cooking, I had to spread the metal bars on my wisk to get it clean and I had the thought that an egg will fit in this!

 Sure enough, the egg fits inside perfectly!  After boiling all of the eggs and letting them cool, I had each boy go one at a time using my wisk and dyeing their eggs.  They thought it was pretty fun to do it this way.  I was a little worried about it leaving lines from the metal but it didn't.  The eggs came out perfectly beautiful and was not messy.

I know Easter has come and gone but great tip for next year!

Dolphin Tale 2 Trailer

My kids loved watching the movie Dolphin Tale when it came out a few years ago.  So we were all excited when we found out that Dolphin Tale 2 is coming out.  This looks like a great family movie that I am sure we will go see in theaters!  Here is the trailer:

Do you plan on seeing this movie with your family?