The Blessing

Since I am a part of the program, Book Sneeze, I got to choose a book to receive for free in return for my review.  I chose the book The Blessing by John Trent and Gary Smalley.  I have read other books from them before and so I was excited to see what this book has to offer.  I think it is great must read for parents, grandparents and anyone in general.  It really opened my eyes up to how I am raising my children.  Children are so vunerable at this small age and basically all they want to do is to please their parents.  And it continues as they grow into adults.  I think that children are a blessing to us and just to give them our blessing to them as humans and as people means the world to people.  I think that people think their kids are just there and parents are too busy to acknowledge their own kids and I think that they need to read this book.  Even back in biblical times children were looking for their parents blessing.  Looking back to Jacob and Esau, all Jacob wanted was for his father to bless him.  And he actually tricked his father into giving him his brothers blessing.  How many children are out there longing to have their parents just tell them I love you for who you are.  I think this book is a great parenting book and I definately recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

I received this book free to review from Thomas Nelson through their BookSneeze program. Any opinion I post is my own opinion.