Family Fun

I really enjoy having my family around me.  I love hanging out with my husband and kids.  I think that family time is so important in helping a family bond together.  As a family we try to do fun stuff together on a regular basis.  Even if it means we all just go up to a store and just walk around it with an icee, and stopping the toy section and having all my boys going up against me and my husband in a sword fight.  It is quite funny to see the employees look at us like we are crazy but I'm spending time with my kidsI do not care what anyone thinks.  It is those moments that our children will remember.  A few weeks ago we took the boys to a blueberry festival. It was not planned, we just happened to look in the paper and see that it was going on so we got in the car and went.  We had a blast being together picking (and eating) the blueberries.  Just hanging out.  We have had a few water fights in the house.  Yes some papers got wet and messed up but we were having fun with our children.  Every Friday night we have movie night.  We all get on the couch, snuggle up together and watch a kiddie movie. The kids ask if it is friday just about everyday, because they look forward to it.  I think it is moments like that, that make an impact in a child's life.  Children grow up too fast and we should take the time to hang out with them and be there with them. They are not going to remember the toys we bought them or something small like that, they things they will remember the most are the times we played together as a family.  They are important to us and we like to make sure that they know they are important to us.  They are a part of the family too. And I would not trade a sword fight in the middle of a store for anything!!