Wall Panels

(Disclosure:  I received the item mentioned below in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.)

I live in a small apartment with plain white walls.  I keep looking for things to liven up the apartment and make it personal and homely.  I got the opportunity to review some beautiful wall panels from My Wall Art.  These beautiful panels add texture to your walls and I love it.  You could cover your whole wall with these or be creative and make a pattern and make it your own.  Included in the box are easy to understand and follow instructions.  Living in an apartment, I didn't want to actually use adhesive to apply to the walls, due to not knowing if it'll put any paint off in removal process.  I chose to use a temporary way to attach them to the wall which works great because these are lightweight, yet sturdy.  

So now let's check out the final look on my walls.  I have a small amount of free wall so putting the 12 panels that comes in the box would not work on any of my walls so I will be splitting it into two locations.  Above my couch and above my bed.  I think I will paint them before putting them above my bed to not only add some texture but also some color to the white walls.  The design I chose was Maxwell.

Some information about the panels I chose:

*They're gorgeous
* The box comes with 12 panels
*The panel size is 500mm X 500mm
*Made out of Natural Plant Fiber
*They are 3D
*Eco Friendly
*Paintable texture

Overall, I am very pleased with these panels.  I think they are a great addition to any home if you want to add texture and style to your walls.  These are easy to apply with clear, easy to follow instructions.  These are versatile and the way you can style your home with these are endless.  They are lightweight and can be applied with just one person.