AcneFree Clear Skin system

I have seen the commercials for ProActiv but never had money to order and pay for shipping and stuff so I bought the AcneFree Clear Skin System from Publix.  I dont have a major acne problem, just a few here and there, enough to want to try this stuff.  I used it every morning and every night, and after about 1 week or so, I noticed my face getting clearer and looking fresher.  I love the 3 step process.  The smells of the cleaners arent strong at all.  It didnt dry out my face.  I like that I can just go to the store to buy it and not have to wait for it to be shipped to me and dont have to pay extra for the shipping.  I have a second bottle of the cleanser in the shower so that I can use it in there instead of other face soaps.  Great product!!