NIrV, Kids' Quest Study Bible,

(Disclosure:  I received this Bible in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

How many times has your child come to you asking a question about the Bible that you just didn't know the answer to?   I know my boys have too many times to count.  Well the Kids' Quest Study Bible is just the right resource for you.  This book includes over 500 questions and answers throughout the Bible.  Since this book is written in the NIRV, it is easier for young kids to understand what they are reading.  The questions are throughout the Bible so they can read some of the Bible and come across a question.  The cover is very appealing to the eye.  This would be perfect for any 3rd-5th grader.

About the Bible:

How come people lived so long back then?  Why did God allow the flood? Is Jesus real?
Kids have LOTS of question about the Bible and God.  The NIrV Kids' Question Study Bible is a great resource for kids eager to learn more.

Features include:
*Over 500 questions and answers for kids
*Book introductions help explain what each book of the Bible is about
*A dictionary and subject guide help kids find what they're looking for
*Fresh, colorful design makes the Bible fun to look at and use
*The complete NIrV translation, the steppingstone to the NIV!

Isn't it exciting to discover the world, ask how things work, and learn about God and the Bible?  With a bright, colorful design, reading an fusing the Bible is fun.