(Disclosure:  I received free admission for TreeUmph! for me to review.  All opinions are my own.)

I have seen and heard all about obstacle courses and zip lines in the trees but my kids have always been too young for them.  Now that my youngest is finally old enough to participate, it was perfect timing that I was given this opportunity to visit TreeUmph! We used tickets to the children's course.  When we first got there we were greeted by their friendly staff members.  They helped the boys get into their harnesses and joked with them a little bit.  Then, after they were in their harnesses, we went around to watch the safety video.  After the safety video, everyone went to the training course.  During the training course, the kids had to show that they can follow directions using the clips and ropes and such.  After the kids passed the training course they got to go on the real course.  The children's course is called Ape Up, and it is perfect because the kids look like a bunch of monkeys in the trees.  I love that the children's ticket allowed them to go through the course twice.  My kids all wanted it to be a longer course though, they felt like they finished too quick.  They can't wait until they are tall enough and old enough to go on the junior course.  They had a blast though.  The course was challenging enough for them to take a while to get through it.  The obstacles were high enough off of the ground but not too high.  There was a guide on the ground watching the course the entire time to help ensure safety.  Our guide, Trent, was very patient with my 3 guys.  He held conversation with my husband and was very friendly!  In fact, every staff member we came across was generous. 

Zip-lining to the end

High in trees

Being brave up high

Facing obstacles

My monkeys!

TreeUmph! has 6 different courses plus the Ape Up course for children, totaling 7 courses.  There is also a zip-line that is accessible for everyone that has a junior, adult or senior ticket.  You can purchase a water wrist band, which allows you to get bottled water for the duration of your day.  There is a cooler at the check in area and white coolers throughout the courses.  I think that it is an awesome deal to get that if you are coming here so that you don't have to keep walking to the front of the park or lug a bunch of your own drinks!  Definitely a wonderful addition.  If you live in Florida, this is one place you definitely need to head to!