Sheet Music

I was reading a christian bookstore flyer and I saw the book Sheet Music by Kevin Leman.  I have read some of his other books and so last weekend I picked up the book and have read it all.  I read most of it in one day but finished it within a week.  I definately would recommend this book, to engaged couples, newly married couples or even couples who've been married for a while.  It has changed the way I view intimacy with my husband.  I like that it is based on christian beliefs so its not a worldly book about sex but has more of a christian view.  It is a bit on the graphic side and some people might be offended by the descriptions of some scenerios but it is straight to the point and I like that he doesnt sugar coat such a touchy topic in the christian world.  I agree with pretty much the whole book and have seen myself in some of the scenerios and have realized that I do need to change.  It is a book that I am gonna pass on to my husband so that he can read it too and get a new perspective on our intimacy along with me.  This is a really great book. 


  1. I really want this book! So funny I too have a hubby and a son named John!

  2. I definitely recommend getting it. I am giving it to my husband when he gets home so he can read it. Ive seen other people recommend it and now I know why! My husband is actually the John II and my son is the John III.


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