Save On Scott paper products

A few weeks ago, I started talking about purchasing Scott paper products at Dollar General, using the Dollar General app.  I have found so much savings between shopping at Dollar General and using the digital coupons.  We love using Scott 1000 toilet paper at our house.  I know that lots of people prefer 2-ply but, I actually love the 1-ply.  It seems to last so much longer and with three young children, that is important.    I can purchase the 4 roll pack and it can last about a week before having to be changed.  The rolls are good size.  One ply is not any less soft than 2 ply.  It doesn't tear and doesn't have any fancy un-needed designs on it.  One more thing that I absolutely love about Scott paper products, is that they support Box Tops for Education.  My kids school collects them and so I happily clip them and send them in.

Scott 1000 comes in different size packages!

Big rolls to last longer!

Box Tops for Education

Now, I know that people might not think about shopping at Dollar General or know that they accept digital coupons.  I recently just learned that they accepted the coupons.  So that is why I am sharing with my readers this fact!  I want to save you all even more money this year.  Do you have a Dollar General near you?  Find out here.  

You can use the Digital Coupons to save on Scott products as well as many other items.  Just sign up and start saving.