(Disclosure:  I received a subscription to Matific in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.)

If you have more than one kid, you have probably dealt with crazy math homework.  I have 3 boys and I have found myself having to research some of the math homework my oldest comes home with in order for me to help him.  I was contacted by Matific to review their website.  It was prefect timing.  I like it.  My kids like it.  The reasons that I like Matific, is because there are lots of different areas of math that it works on.  I have a 2nd, 3rd and 5th graders can all work on lessons that are on their levels.  There are fun games that the children can play.  They are called episodes.  You can check the records and see how your kids are doing but I wish that you could make different profiles for each child so that you can easily see their own progress.   It is a good, educational website that I have my boys spend about 30 minutes each day on before they can play other things online.  

About the website:

Matific is an educational website full of episodes.  There are lessons for grades K-6.  The episodes can be broken down by grade, curriculum or by book.  Here is the Matific Mission (taken from the website):

The Matific Mission
To proliferate high-quality math education
Making immersive math learning apps available to children, world-wide
To empower teachers and parents
offering a rich set of intuitive and versatile math teaching resources
To make math intriguing
Fostering in students of all ages an appreciation of the beauty in math and its relevance in everyday life
To open the gates to scientific thinking
Mastering analytic reasoning and nurturing insightful discovery

Matific offers different subscription levels:
3 months- $18
6 months- $30
12 months-$36