March in Frozen Food month Giveaway

(Disclosure:  I received coupons for this product.  All opinions shared are my own.)

Did you know that March is Frozen Food month?  I could honestly say that I did not.  I was contacted by Kidfresh to help spread the news.  KidFresh is a company that I met while I was at the WowSummit last fall.  I was given the opportunity to taste a few of their products while there.  I was surprised at how well they taste.  When I was sent the coupons, I went on a mission to find these products.  I went to one store who only had the Macaroni product.  So I got that and had my children taste it and they liked it.  I like that it is made with real cheese and not powder stuff.  They were hesitant at first because we don't normally eat frozen food.  Then I went onto the Kidfresh site and found their store locator and was able to find a Target down the road that had more of a variety.  

The four products that I bought at Target was the Muy Cheesy Quesodilla, Super Duper Chicken Nuggets, Mighty Meaty Chicken Meatballs, and the Fun-tastic Fish Sticks.  All of the KidFresh meals are made with 100% Natural ingredients and even have some veggies that are snuck into the food.  I have tried a bite off all of the products I used my coupons on and I can't taste any veggie.  All of the products taste really good and I had no complaints from my picky children.

So now you can rest assured that your children are eating healthy during this National Frozen Food Month!  These are priced very reasonably.

One super lucky winner will receive 10, yes you read that right 10, coupons to try this product for your family!  So awesome!!!

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