Once A Day Nurturing Great Kids Devotional

(Disclosure:  I received tho book from Booklook Bloggers.  Opinions shared here are my own.)

I love all sorts of devotionals.  I have parenting devotions, marriage devotions, women devotions and more.  I love all kinds of resources that can help me be a better parent, wife, and person.  The devotional Once a Day Nurturing Great Kids is a good resource for parents.  It gives you great insight through short devotions.  I really like that they are dated with the dates of the month and it goes all the way through the end of the year.  Each devotion starts with a Bible verse, has some commentary about that topic and ends with a parenting principle and points to ponder.  The Parenting Principle is just a quote, like today's was: If you made a list of all your blessings, they would be as numerous as the stars. This quote really makes you stop and think about everything that God has given you.  Sometimes we focus on all the negative things that's going on but if you count your blessings, you will see how amazing your life really is.  The Points to Ponder are simple questions for you to ask yourself.  One of the questions for today is Do your children see you recognizing God's blessings and giving Him thanks?  That's a great question.  Kids learn from example so if they see you giving praise to God then, they will be likely to follow in your footsteps.  This book is a great devotion for parents of all stages!

About the book:
We strive to do what is best for our family, but there are many differing opinions on how to be a good parent.  Truly successful parenting begins with focusing on God and making Him the center of all we do.  The Once A Day Nurturing Great Kids Devotional helps you to bring God into your parenting by providing 365 daily devotionals written specifically for parents who are seeking to build a stronger relationship with their kids and put God first in their family.  These devotionals will inspire you as a parent to embrace the role that God has given you, while also equipping you with the tools you need to be a strong Christian role model for your children.