We did it

I am doing the happy dance!  We finally, after almost 10 years of being married and renting houses, bought a house.  This has been a stressful journey to land on "the" house we wanted to raise our family in.  The closing process was an up and down process and we thought that at the last moment this would fall apart but we kept praising God in the good and the bad and God provided.  We got the keys last week and we moved in over the weekend.  Well, the hubby and kids did while I was away at the WOWSummit, which I will tell you all the amazing details about that later.  It was an awesome feeling to come home to our home.  It is the perfect house for our family.  Has a huge side yard with a tree house already installed.  2 Screened patios, one of which we will turn into a garden of some sort.  The house is on a cul-de-sac so my boys can ride their bikes without the stress of oncoming traffic.  We have already made friends with some kids who play in our backyard.  Each one of my boys have their own room to design and make their own.  This really is an amazing blessing for our family.

Now, comes the fun part of this.  I get to decorate this house however I want without having to restore it to original condition.  If I want to paint the walls I can.  Yay!  I am looking for a theme though.  So that is where you all come in.

Do you have any themes for your house?  Maybe your kitchen is decorated with fun stuff.  I would love to read all the different options and the creativity there is out there!  Any advice for a new homeowner??