Summer reading with Scholastic

(Disclosure:  I received these books below in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

Summer is full of outside time, swimming, and having fun.  Summer is also a great time to keep your children encouraged in reading.  Scholastic has plenty of great books to choose from for children of any age.  Boys and girls will have a tough time choosing just one book.  There are chapter books for the more advanced readers and simple board books for those who are just learning to read.  There is something for every reading level.  Some of the books that my boys have enjoyed include:

Magic School Bus Series:

My children really enjoyed reading The Magic School Bus.  They love watching the shows at school and when they received these books, they were excited.  They like reading the adventures that the teacher takes the children on.  I love how these books are educational.  They aren't just books to fill time, but there is some knowledge being learned.  The books are full of colorful pictures with informational tidbits throughout the pages.

The Mighty Robots Series:

My son really loves the Mighty Robot Series.  He finished all the books that we received within a week.  There is some positive aspects to the storyline. These were an easy read for him.  He is in the 2nd grade and read these with no help from me or my husband.  He loves the comic book feel to it.  He has been asking for me to get him the rest of the series, which I have no problem doing for him.

Fly Guy

  My oldest son fell in love with the Fly Guy series when he was in kindergarden.  He is now in the 4th grade and was ecstatic when we received A Pet for Fly Guy.  He had to be the first one to read this book.  I love the cute adventure that Buzz goes on with Fly Guy.  In this book Fly Guy goes on a search to find a pet for himself and gets sad when none of them work out but in the end he realizes that he already has a perfect match.  All of my kids love this book!

What's New? The Zoo

My kids love the history in this book.  The love the pictures.  This book is full of facts and the pictures on the pages are eye catching.  My children love animals and this book just fed their love.

Lego Ninjago Techno Strike!

My boys love all things Lego, so getting the Lego Ninjago book was like Christmas for them.  They have read this book almost every day for a week when we got it and now they take turns reading it for their reading responses for school.  My children love the pictures in this book and they have the Lego characters to go with the story so they like to act it out after they read it.  This book is great for any Lego fan!

Rules of Summer

Rules of Summer is a really cute book.  It is an older brother teaching a younger brother about some of the rules to enjoy summer.  My kids giggled at some of the rules.  The pictures in this book are cute and eye-catching. This book is a fun book for my kids to read together.  

Lego Chima Danger in the Outlands

This is another favorite of my boys, simply because it is a Lego book.  They love the Chima product line and loved reading this book.  This is another book that they read over and over.  They loved reading about the quest to save the Legend Beast from the Outlands.  My youngest son likes it when his older brothers read him this book.

Super Silly School Poems

This book was probably up their on the favorite list for my kids.  They love the different poems in this book.  They laughed at quite a few of them.  They even learned some homework excuses that they are eager to try!

Where's My Homework?

This is another cute back to school book that we received.  When a kid loses his homework, he has quite an imagination when it comes to looking for it.  My kids thought this book was silly.  The pictures draw the kids into the book with all the detailed work.

Surrounded By Sharks

Surrounded By Sharks is a good fiction chapter book geared for older kids.  My oldest really wasn't into this book and he is 9, so it is probably better for teens.  I read it.  It is a good little suspense book that isn't too bad.

Tony Baloney: Buddy Trouble

This is a really cute book about Tony.  His school is having a "Books and Buddies" event at their school that he is excited to go to.  After being asked to clean up with his sister, they argue and the event was taken away from them by momma and poppa.  Can they work it out so they can go?  My kids liked this book.  It is geared towards the younger kids who are learning to read.

Fly Guy Presents Firefighters:

Fly Guy Presents Firefighters is another favorite of my kids.  My middle son absolutely loves firefighters, so he loved the tour that Fly Guy goes on in this book.  He loved learning about different aspects of firefighters, and loved that Fly Guy is a part of it!

  I really enjoy watching my sons reading books, especially when I see them reading to each other!  Twice a year Scholastic comes to my son's school and holds a book fair and we let them each pick out a book to add to our home library.  They love it.  It is awesome to see that they have a love for reading.

What is your child's favorite book?