Fun with Ivory Soap

(Disclosure:  I received the Ivory soap as part of the Influenster TLC VoxBox.  All opinions shared are my own)

"Mom, I'm bored!"  It is summer time and I have heard that statement a few times already!  I remember a project about microwaving a bar of Ivory soap so I grabbed my kids, cut a piece of Ivory soap, put it on a plate and popped it in the microwave.  After about 90 seconds, I took it out of the microwave and my kids were amazed at what happened to the soap.  It turns into foam!  My kids started squeezing it and playing with it.  It entertained them for about 5 minutes but it is something quick and fun you can do with your children this summer!  I'm sure if you add some food coloring you could make it even more fun.  One of my sons wanted to play with it in the bath tub to see if it dissolved so I let him and he  played for a while in the tub with some Ivory foam.