Mickey Mouse Costume

(Disclosure:  I received the product below in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

My youngest son absolutely loves Mickey Mouse!  He has 2 stuffed Mickey's and gets excited whenever he sees anything Mickey.  So when I saw the opportunity to review the Ears & Gloves set, I immediately jumped on it.  This set is the perfect way to accessorize the Mouse costume.  The gloves are big and comfortable to wear.  They fit my son's hands perfectly and they don't fall off.  The ears headband fits him great too.  They don't slip down and they don't hurt him behind the ears.  I think the ears themselves could be a little bit bigger.  He is having a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party this summer and you can bet he will be there happily wearing this set.  You can purchase this set for your child at Costume Discounters for $26.97.  Great price for a great accessory that your child will love and will wear all year long!

He is loving this!

Do you know how Mickey Mouse got started?  You can read A Brief History Of Mickey Mouse that Time magazine wrote.  After reading it for myself, I found myself saying Wow, I didn't know that, on quite a few facts.  Like. I didn't know that he is over 80 years old and he actually started out as a rabbit!  I am going to read it with my children so that they can know the interesting history of Mickey.  

After you read it I would love for you to comment with a fact that you learned about Mickey.