Chick Fil A Grilled Market Salad

(Disclosure: I received a coupon to try the product below as part of the Chick Fil A mom panel. All opinions are my own.)

I love Chick Fil A.  I love being part of the Chick Fil A Mom Panel.  I recently was given the opportunity to try out the New Chick Fil A Grilled Market Salad.  Normally, when I go there I get the chicken sandwich because I love them.  I had never considered getting a salad before.  I found out that I was missing out.  Chick Fil A salads are amazing.  The Grilled Market Salad is so full of flavor with each bite.  This salad just isn't the lettuce, tomato type of salad you might get somewhere else.  This had strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, apples, blue cheese and of course grilled chicken.  I was given a pack of roasted nut blend and harvest nut granola to add to the salad.  I chose ranch dressing.  This salad was one of the best salads I have ever tasted.  I will definitely be ordering this salad more often.  It was so filling too, I couldn't even finish it in one sitting.

What is your favorite item on the Chick Fil A menu?