Boogie Wipes Giveaway

(Disclosure:  I received a package of products as a part of being a Boogie Wipe Ambassador.  All opinions are my own.)

I find Boogie Wipes to be a lifesaver during allergy season with my son.  Evan gets horrible allergy symptoms during the fall months.  His symptoms are usually swollen, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezes, and headaches. We have to deal with allergy season for almost 3 full months every year. We use the Boogie Wipes to clean his eyes when they start tearing up.  We always keep a package of wipes on our table so that he know where they are when he needs to wipe his nose.  We also put a pack in the refrigerator when his symptoms start because he likes how cool they feel and he says that they help his headaches when he puts a cold wipe on his forehead.

Do you have to deal with allergies?  Boogie Wipes website has a list of some great apps that you can install on your smart phones to help you know what is out there that could be causing your symptoms.  I know for sure that these come in handy.  It helps me to know how bad my sons symptoms are going to be that day.

Do you want some tips for allergy solutions for kids?  Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, take showers every night to wash away the allergens from your children's hair and body, use the Boogie Mist to keep their airways clean, shut the windows to keep the allergens out of your house, use Boogie Wipes to wipe your face.

How can you tell if it is allergies or a cold?  Check out the chart below to find out.

I want to help you help your kids with their allergies.  I am a part of a great group of Boogie Wipe Ambassadors on team #LetsBoogie and we are having a giveaway.  One lucky winner will receive 
2 (30) count packages of Boogie Wipes for themselves to try out.  Enter below on the Rafflecopter form.  

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