Together: Growing Appetites for God

(Disclosure:  I recevied this book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own!)

As a Christian mom, I want my children to see me reading the Bible.  I want them to read the Bible for themselves.  I have thought in the past about reading the Bible all the way through with them but I haven't done so because I thought it would be too difficult.  My kids are pretty young to sit down for a while and I am unsure they will understand some of it and I don't know if I have the knowledge to explain the things in it.  I received the book, Together: Growing Appetites for God.  This book is about one family who reads the Bible together every day, and they successfully did so!  This book encourages me in trying this out with my kids.  Now in this book, it did not always work out like she planned but she comes to find out that her kids are acting out the stories they were being read.  I found myself laughing at these stories because I can totally see my boys doing the same thing.  I think that this is a great book for parents to read to be encouraged to read with their kids!  I love that this book has discussion questions in the end of it so that if you are doing a small group book study you can talk about it! 

About this book:

Christian parents have a responsibility to make sure their children know and love God's Word.  but what if you struggle as a parent to read the Bible yourself?  how can you pass a love for God's Word along to your children if you struggle yourself?  That was Carrie Ward's story.  Until God gave her a plan to help her develop a consistent time in the Word, right along with her children.  Readers will walk together with Carrie Ward, an everyday mama, as she journeys through the Bible with her small children one chapter a day.  As her children re-enact the Bible stories readers will be able to see Scripture through the eyes of a child.  Parents will learn how to impart God' truth to the children day by day, and will see its transforming power on their families.  Together: Growing Appetites for God is an easy read and includes helpful tools for scripture memorization and charts to follow progress through the Bible.

How do you teach your children the Word of God?