Perk Vent Wrap Air Freshener

(Disclosure:  I received the products below as part of a Smiley 360 Mission.  All opinions shared are my own.)

I received the Perk Air Fresheners from Smiley 360.  It came just in time.  The weather is getting hotter and making our vehicles kinda stuffy so adding some fragrance really comes in handy.  These air fresheners are made to fit over your air conditioner vents in a non-noticeable way.  I attached it to my vents and my car smells amazing.  The scent is a little over-powering at first but it goes away quickly.

What is the Perk Vent Wrap?
New Perk Vent Wrap is cutting-edge innovation for the vent.  Its super descreet design and patent-pending fragrance technology will leave your car invisibly fresh.  Vent Wrap is easy to use- nothing to pull, click or put together-just slide it onto the vent blade and go!  hidden under the soft, black protective cover is StediScent, a revolutionary fragrance technology that regulates teh fragrance delivery.  no more wondering where the fragrance went after a couple day.  StediScent will provide fragrance that is just right!
Each Vent Wrap is individually sealed for freshness and easy storage.  After about 2 weeks, replace your Vent Wrap with a new one, fresh out of the wrapper.  A 4 pack will provide you with up to 60 days of freshness.

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