Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series BP5K Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

(Disclosure:  I received this product in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own and were not persuaded in any way.)

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  Simply put, I have heart disease.  One of the many things that I have to do on a daily basis to monitor my condition is taking my blood pressure.  The machine I had quit working and since then I have been searching for a replacement one. I found that replacement!  Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series Blood Pressure Monitor is a perfect addition to my products!

When I opened the box, I noticed that it comes in a great hard-shelled compact case.  I love that.  Makes traveling with it easier because I won't have to worry about it getting messed up in the hard case.    It is a small machine so it doesn't take a lot of room.  This device goes on your wrist and not on your upper arm.   This blood pressure machine is voice guided.  It helps you to be sure that it is in the right location and if your wrist is too high or too low.  It tells you if your blood pressure is too high or too low or ideal.

I love the memory storage!  I was writing down all of my readings in a notebook but always forgot to bring it to the doctor appointments, but since this machine is small enough to put in my purse, I can just bring it with me to my appointment and go through the memory to show my cardiologist.  The display is large enough for anyone to see and is very clear to read everything.  The Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor is one that I will recommend to all the women in my heart support group.