Mash 'Ems

(Disclosure:  I recevied these products in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

 Having 3 young boys, we have a lot of action figures and superheros all over my house.  I think they were more excited to receive the Mash'Ems I got to review than I was.  I was sent a variety of this line of toys to try out.  I love that they are nice, soft, and squishy.  They do get some dust and hair on them but it is easily washed off with some warm water.  My kids literally spent over an hour playing with these the first day we got them.  They have continued playing with them for long periods of time every day.  Their favorite thing to do with them is throw them on the roof to see which one stays up there the longest.  Those little things amazed me.  They threw a few of them on the roof before going to bed and 2 were still there when they woke up.  That made for a great laugh.  I am not sure that's how your supposed to play with them but it works!  My kids also love squeezing them to make a big bubble as big as they can.  These are great toys that would make for great presents!  The Mash'Ems line is geared towards boys.  No worries though, they have a line of Fash'Ems for girls.

What is Mash'Em?  Mash'Ems are a highly collectable toy that all kids will love.  Mash'em allows kids to play with their favorite characters in a whole different way.  They will be able to Mash'em, Twist'em, Squish'em, and Pull'em!  you can purchase these at Walmart, Toys R Us, Costco, and Dick's Sporting Goods.