Easy way to dye eggs!

Having three kids, I am always on the lookout on finding easy ways to do things.  Dyeing eggs with 3 kids usually ends up pretty messy.  The eggs normally fall off the metal thing that comes in the dye kit or the spoon and it splashes making a mess.  So, while I was in the kitchen cooking, I had to spread the metal bars on my wisk to get it clean and I had the thought that an egg will fit in this!

 Sure enough, the egg fits inside perfectly!  After boiling all of the eggs and letting them cool, I had each boy go one at a time using my wisk and dyeing their eggs.  They thought it was pretty fun to do it this way.  I was a little worried about it leaving lines from the metal but it didn't.  The eggs came out perfectly beautiful and was not messy.

I know Easter has come and gone but great tip for next year!