Worship for Kids DVD

( I received the DVD Set below in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

My husband and I became part of the KIDS Church ministry at our church and they were looking for some new praise & worship music for the children.  So I figured I would search for some online and what I found is amazing.  I stumbled across a site called Worship For Kids that has some great praise and worship music for kids.  They were wonderful enough to send me one of their DVD sets that includes a CD, DVD Trax, and Hand Motion DVD.  I was surprised to have gotten all three of them.  When I opened up the case I put in the DVD with the Hand Motions on to familiarize myself with the songs and my kids were glued to the tv with me.  They said, "Mom, that was fun." 

Worship for Kids has three different music sets.  The one set that I received is the I'm Not Ashamed.  The titles in this set are:

1.) I'm Not Ashamed
2.) Jesus Loves Us All
3.) Early in the Morning
4.) Speechless
5.) Praise the Lord
6.) I'm Giving Everything
7.) You Hold it all Together
8.) You can do all Things
9.) All Day Long
10.) Never a Day

I told myself that I was gonna find the three that I liked the most and share them, but I couldn't convince myself to narrow it down to three.  All of the songs have their own feel to it and I like them all.  So I chose 2 songs to start with for the KIDS church.  We are working on I'm Not Ashamed and Early in the Morning.  I have had this product for about a month now and the kids have been doing great with the motions and I love that the lyrics are on the screen as well.   This Sunday, I will be adding one of the slower songs to get them in the worship mode and I think the song Never a Day will be the perfect one to add.  This song really touched my heart and I know that the kids will pick it up quick.  Once all the children learn all the motions real well, I will be asking the pastor to let us come into big church and show the adults what they have been learning.

Here is an example of one of the fun songs they have on the DVD.  You can check out more on their YouTube Channel.  Their site is a great resource for all children's church pastors and leaders who are looking for some amazing songs to teach the next generation.