My thoughts on John Snowden’s Christian Post editorial on Noah

When I first heard about the movie Noah, I immediately knew I wanted to go see it.  I did wonder how true to the Bible story of Noah this movie was going to be being that it has well-known Hollywood actors portraying biblical characters.  I do not have a problem with those actors playing these parts.  My thoughts were if these Hollywood actors, (who may or may not have a relationship with God), portray these people and this storyline then it just might plant a seed in their lives about how amazing and powerful God is and it might encourage them to look in the Bible which could lead to them studying it more and more, which could lead to them becoming saved.  So I actually thought it could become a positive thing in their lives.

My questions to how true to the Bible story is this movie were answered by John Snowden.  He was the Biblical Consultant to the filmmakers for the movie, 'Noah'.  He took the time to respond to the recent criticism surrounding the film.  You can read his article: Why People of Faith Can Embrace the 'Noah' Movie on the website Christian Post.  In this article Mr. Snowden offers 10 reasons he believes "we as a church can find very valuable reflections on Noah, God, and theology in the film."

1.)  Noah has a relationship with God.
2.)  Noah acts faithfully, yet isn't perfect.
3.)  Noah sees and acknowledges his own sin
4.)  It keeps closer to more of the text than you might have imagined.
5.)  Noah speaks and the women have names
6.)  Noah focuses on his family
7.)  The story depicts (and Personifies) Evil Humanity in Genesis 6
8.)  The film embraces some really good, important theology
9.)  Bible stories are back-and in a big way
10.)  Twenty-somethings are disengaged from Faith, and this can engage

In the article he goes into greater detail with each of those reasons.  I feel encouraged knowing that there was someone on set and involved with the making of this movie to make sure that things are in order and done the way that the Bible says it happened.  I believe that if more Christians know this then they will be more likely to see it knowing it is based truly from the Bible.

So, what are your thoughts?