Suave Beauty

(Disclosure:  I am writing this review in return for an entry to win a Walmart gift card from Influenster. All opinions shared are my own.)

I love using Suave products.  I like being able to save money and not have to spend a fortune on products that I go through quickly.  With Suave, I feel like I am getting a great deal.  The products are just about the same as more expensive ones but have great results.  I love the Suave body washes.  I love all the different scents that Suave has for the women's body washes.  With all of the scents available, everyone should be able to find one they like.  I love that the body wash leaves my skin feeling smooth and lightly scented.

The men's body washes are great too.  I use them on my boys and my husband uses them too.  My kids love using the soap that makes them smell like their dad.  The men don't really need to have many scents available to them I think.  The scents they do have smell great!