Boom Boom Balloon

(Disclosure:  I received Boom Boom Balloon in order to facilitate my review.  Any opinions shared are my own.)

My kids received Boom Boom Balloon from Spin Master.  They thought that the picture on the box looked pretty fun and were begging me to open it up so that they can play it.  So I opened it up and let them help me put it together.  This game is easy to assemble so they can set it up whenever they want to play it.
 I think the face on the balloons are cute.  I giggled when I saw it.  This game is super simple to play.  You roll the dice and what number it lands on is how many clicks you have to push in the sticks.  As you push in the sticks it puts pressure on the balloon making it more likely to pop.  The person who makes it pop loses the game.  My kids really enjoyed this game.  I had to stop them or they would have used up all of the balloons in one day.  I like that this game comes with some balloons with it.  You can also use other balloons with it once you run out of the stock they send.  My son has drawn silly faces on other balloons to make them silly too.

Boom Boom Balloon will make a great family game for a Christmas gift.  This game can be played by anyone.  My youngest who is 5 loved it and so did my father in law who played it with the boys.  You can play with any number of players.  Play it by yourself or play with a lot of friends. 

Where to buy:  You can purchase Boom Boom Balloon at Target,, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart. 

What is your favorite game to play?