Smooth Sharpening

(Disclosure:  I received a pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

 With school in full swing and my kids having tons of homework on a daily basis, we get a lot of use out of pencil sharpeners.  We have in the past bought the cheap ones and found ourselves continuously purchasing more sharpeners.  The cheaper sharpeners left the pencils jagged and unsharp.  When I found out about Classroom Friendly Supplies I was more than happy to try out their pencil sharpener.  When it arrived, I immediately set it up, which is super simple to do.  The way that this sharpens the pencils is interesting.  You squeeze the black knobs on the top and pull it out a little bit, hold the black knobs together and stick in the pencil, then you turn the handle.  That's it.

 As it sharpens the silver piece closes in and once it is all the way back the pencil is sharpened.  The pencils are really sharp and smooth.  There are no jagged edges and it doesn't break easily.  My kids love using it, and I like that it is easy for them to use this.   The only thing that I would change on this is the way it attaches to the counter.  We find that it keeps coming off so I do think that part could be improved a little bit but other than that we love it!
This has a tray that is fairly big for a pencil sharpener and it holds a lot of the shavings.  It slides in and out easily and keeps the area nice and neat.   I think that all the classrooms and homeschooling moms could really benefit from these sharpeners.  It also would make a great addition to households with kids doing homework.  It does not take up much space and it is quiet.  

You can find these amazing sharpeners online at Classroom Friendly Supplies.  They come in Green, Blue, Red, and Black and sell for $24.99. 

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