Bash and the Pirate Pig Book Giveaway

(Disclosure:  I received Bash and the Pirate Pig in return for my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

I have a new, fun book to share that is great for children over eight.  It is geared towards boys, but I can see some girls reading it as well.  Bash and the Pirate Pig has a fun, summer adventure storyline.  It has a few words like stupid and idiot in it.  We have taught our kids that those words are not nice, so when my son started reading this book, he didn't want to because of those words, but I was able to convince him to replace those words with silly.  It worked and he was able to continue on.  I noticed him reading it when he should have been asleep.  Some days I would ask him how it was going, and he would start explaining what he read and he would start laughing at some of the parts when he was telling me.  This is a good book to get kids to know that there are more things out there than video games and air conditioning.  The friendship that builds between Bash and Beamer is one that could be encouraging to other children.  I love that this book uses adventures from Bash's "Fishin' and Farmin'" book, which is the Bible.  I found myself giggling at a few parts as I was reading.  This is a great book to read as a family for a fun-filled imaginative adventure.

About Bash and the Pirate Pig:

Written for boys 8-14, Bash and the Pirate Pig is the story of a cranky city kid named Raymond "Beamer" Boxby who must spend summer vacation at his younger cousin Bash Hinglehobb's farm.

  Beamer prefers air conditioning and video games.  He can't see what good can come of this so-called country fun that includes riding cows, river rafting with a pig, or playing with skunks.

But hang tight, Beamer, because Bash's zany adventures with his "Fishin' and Farmin' book" (The Bible) just might lead to the coolest discovery of all.

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