OMG Nail Strips

(Disclosure:  I received nail strips in return for my honest review.  All opinions shared are my own and were not persuaded in any way.)

 I love having my nails look polished and taken care of.  I have never used any type of nail strips, until now.  I was contacted my OMG Nail Strips for a review.  I was given the opportunity to choose out whatever design I wanted.  Let me tell you, that was the tough part.  OMG Nail Strips has quite a bit of designs to choose from for every different type of style.  I found it pretty easy to apply.  Make sure your nails and clean and free of polish and products.  Peel off the strip and apply it to your nail.  File off the excess.  That is pretty much it!  I did mess up on one of my nails and there was a little wrinkle in it but it comes with extra strips and I was able to fix that real easy.  My nails looked pretty and I got a few compliments on them.

So, what are OMG Nail Strips?  They are the solution to smell, streaking nail polish and expensive manicures.  The unique nail designs are quick and easy to apply and can last up to 10 days.   They currently have over 40 designs and will be adding hundreds more in the near future.

 OMG Nail Strips are very reasonably priced and they have free shipping.  Right now, they are having a sale.  Get 4 sets for $20.  Get 10 sets for $45.

Have you ever used nail polish strips or do you prefer nail polish?