(Disclosure:  I received full size My Oatmeal products in return for my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

 I love oatmeal.  I find it simple to make when in a rush.  I also find that it fills me up pretty good.  I prefer to eat oatmeal over sugary cereal.  I got the opportunity to try out My Oatmeal.  I was able to decide how I wanted my oatmeal to be.  I had fun choosing what I thought would taste good.  I think it would be fun to be able to physically go design my oatmeal.  With My Oatmeal, you get to first start out with what size you would like:  Small (1 lb), Medium (2.25 lbs) and Jumbo (4 lbs). Then you choose what type of oats you would like.  You can choose from: Quick Rolled Instant Oats, 5 Grain Rolled Oats & Flax, Steel Cut Whole Oats, Signature Smash Blend, and Gluten Free Rolled Oats.  I chose to get the Quick Rolled Instant Oats.  We find ourselves rushing in the mornings so using instant oats makes my mornings a little smoother.

 Then comes the fun, creative part.  You get to choose your flavors, fruits, nuts, berries, and sweetener.  Then you get to name your oatmeal.  You get to decide how much of each thing you want added.  Pricing is very reasonable.  The more you add to your oatmeal the more it costs, but I think it is well worth it.  My kids enjoyed the oatmeal.  I enjoyed the oatmeal.  We decided to go with a couple of packs of the instant oatmeal.  First, we got peaches in our oatmeal.  Second, we got apples.  Third, we got strawberries and almonds.  I had each of my boys try each flavor.  They all agreed that it was good.  We had to add just a little bit of sugar to make it a bit sweeter but other than that it was a great big hit at our house. 

Want to try some for yourself?  The wonderful people at My Oatmeal is offering a generous discount for my readers so that you can make your own.  After you design your oatmeal,
use code: to get 20% off of your order.  Keep up to date with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So, how would you make your oatmeal?