Qoileez giveaway ends 6/20

(Disclosure:  I received Qoileez in return for my honest review.  All opinions shared are my own and were not persuaded in any way.)

Mom, He has my pencil!  No it is my pencil!  No Mine!  Do you have these types of arguments in your home?  I have them quite frequently.  I have found a way to solve it.  Qoileez.  That's how. I use a Qoileez on a couple pencils so that my boys know which ones are theirs.  Works great!!  Not only does it keep them from fighting over who's pencil is who's, but it also works as a gripper so that they know where to hold the pencil correctly.  Qoileez are little stretchy plastic that can be used for pretty much anything.  You can add it to your hairstyle, put them on your pens/pencils, accessorize your glasses, hold needles together, etc.  I love the different designs that they have available.  They are super cute and I can totally see my nieces wearing these in their hair!

You can purchase Qoileez in a wide variety of colors and patterns: dots, stripes, stars, animal prints, and surprise mixes!  They are sold in basic packages of seven for $4.99 or deluxe packages of 14 for $7.99!

You can win 3 packs of Qoileez of your choice for yourself to try out.  That is a $15 value.  Just enter below on the rafflecopter form. 

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