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I am an amateur photographer if that.  I love taking photographs as a hobby and would love to pick it up as a more seriously.  I have taken pictures of families and a couple weddings as a backup photographer.  Now,  I just gotta start buying all the equipment and learning more and more.  I have found this amazing site called CreativeLive.  I have only seen this site for just 2 days and have learned so much.  I am currently watching the Newborn Posing Workshop by Kelly Brown and all I have to say is Wow!!  I really do wish this was around a few months ago so I could take what I am learning and use it on my sister who just had a baby.  He is past the newborn stage now so I cannot do the stuff she is doing on him.  I do however have another sister who is planning on becoming pregnant soon and would love to try my hand at newborn photography with her baby.  I have learned how to safely pose the newborns, how to pose the parents with the child and using props and siblings.  She has talked about how to do marketing for your business and pricing and all that fun stuff.  I am seriously learning so much with this online webinar.  CreativeLive has a lot of live webinars that are free if you watch them live.  You can also purchase them for download to watch them at anytime that you want to watch them again.  I highly recommend checking out this site.  Any chance I have to learn anything about photography I take that offer and you should too.