Wholly Guacamole Giveaway ends 12/16

I love trying new things.  My kids are usually a little reluctant to try new things.  We have never tried guacamole before because I was not sure anyone would like it.  I have also never tried salsa with them either.  So I was excited to become a part of the Wholly Guacamole blog program.  I received an amazing package full of guacamoles and salsas and even some Cabot cheese to have Taco Tuesday.  In this package I received a variety of flavors of Wholly Guacamole, a variety of flavors of Wholly Salsa, and 4 bars of Cabot Cheeses of various flavors.  Plus I received a cutting board, cheese slicer, and more!  It was an amazing package, and one of my lucky readers will win the same exact package!  Details on that below.  So, last night I made tacos for my family.  I had a side of chips and some salsa and guacamole.  I was a little nervous that my kids were not going to even try it but I was shocked!  Not only did all 3 boys willingly try it, but they LOVED it.  I had to fight them so I could have some.  They did not want to try the products on their tacos but they ate tortilla chips with the salsa and guacamole.  I had them try the Roasted Tomato flavor of salsa.  I liked this flavor.  I like how there was not chunks of tomatos.  This flavor has a little spicy kick but it was good.  I used it as a dip for the chips and I added some to my taco and it gave it great flavor.  My kids thought it was a little hot but they still kept on eating it.   We also tried the classic flavor of Guacamole Dip and that was great stuff.  My kids thought it was funny that it was green.  They were brave and tried it.  One of the boys did not like it but hey, 2 out of 3 is not bad.  I added some of this to my taco too and also used it as a chip dip.   After I got all of the tacos ready, I opened up one of the Cabot cheese blocks for us to try.  We tried the Cheddar flavor.  We all loved it.  Even one of my boys who does not even like any cheese asked for more.  I was amazed that he liked it.  We love all the products that we tried and were glad to have this opportunity!

Just some of the products I received

Vermont sharp cheddar Cabot Cheese

the chips and dip

my kids loved them

Great addition to dinner!

Now for the amazing part.  Wholly Guacamole wants to give one of my readers the same exact package that I received.  That means one lucky readers will receive:

        -Wholly Guacamole- various flavors
- Wholly Salsa- various flavors
- 4 bars of Cabot Cheese- various flavors
- promotion items including cutting board, cheese cutter, chip clip, WG tshirt
How awesome!  To be entered just use the rafflecopter form below.  
(Disclosure:  I received the products above in return for my blog post.  All opinions are my own and were not persuaded in any way)
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