Weekly Journaling

So while searching online for random stuff on Amazon, I stumbled across a book called 101+ Creative Journaling Prompts.  It is free today, I do not know how long it will be.  So since it was free I figured why not get it.  I think it is pretty cool, it has a bunch of different questions to get you thinking about what to journal about so I thought that I would do a weekly journal on here with one of the topics.  So every week I will pick out a question and answer it here on my blog just so that my readers can get to know more about me.  I would love to read some of the comments from yall answering the same question. 

Since yesterday was Christmas I thought it would be fitting to choose the following question:  If you could relive one moment from yesterday what would it be?   I think that is kind of hard to choose.  I enjoyed the whole day.  We woke up to the kids going through their stockings and opening everything up in them.  They then got to then open all of their presents and then we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  That is a tradition.  We also went outside and tried out the marshmallow shooters that my husband made for each of them.  They had a big marshmallow war.  The 3 boys versus daddy.  I think the boys won.  Then we just hung out for the rest of the morning before we had to go to family Christmas party.  But I would say my favorite part of yesterday was just when we were hanging out after the presents were unwrapped and breakfast was had and the kids were just enjoying all the new toys that they had gotten.  My husband and I were taking all of the toys out of the packaging and seeing all the excitement of getting to play with all the new stuff is just awesome. Seeing them get along and having smiles on each of their faces just made the day worth it.  I love when my children are happy and knowing that they are happy makes me happy.

So what about you.  What moment would you relive?