Sore throat? Try Pine Bros. Throat Drops!

After 15 years, Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops are back!  They have been a trusted brand ince 1870.  I have never tried one or even heard of these until I had a friend of mine tell me about them.  I decided to give them a try and I like them.  When I picked one up I noticed that they were kind of softish.  When I put it in my mouth I immediately noticed it was different than other throat drops.  They were not as hard as some of the others.  We went on vacation during the week of Thanksgiving and I packed a puck of them just in case anyone got sick.  Well everyone got sick.  I had a nagging cough with a sore throat all week long and I used up most of this puck.  I like that they are softish and chewy.  While these were dissolving in my mouth I notided the back of my throat feeling soothed like it was coated with the honey.  I really liked these and noticed that they helped a whole lot.  One of my kids got a cold as well and since these drops are ok for children over the age of 3, I gave him one and after a few minuted I noticed that he was not coughing as much.  These pucks are refillable.  I love this aspect of the product.  It makes it so much easier to carry with me in my purse without all the drops falling all over my purse.  Which makes it so convienent.  I really like these drops, they work, they are good, and they are convienent.  These drops are the new throat drops that will be supplied in my home.  They come in 4 different flavors: Natural Honey, Wild Cherry, Lemon Citrus (will be out next year) and Licorice (limited time only, holiday flavor).  You can buy these at your local pharmacies like CVS, Harris Teeter and others and you can also but them online at the Pine Bros. website.