Be careful what you say

I found a gray hair! I'm totally freaking out. Right after I had my second son I kept joking that having 2 boys so close I would be gray before I was 30. Then when I had my 3rd son I kept joking about having to dye my hair all the time because I'd be gray before 30 with 3 boys under age of 4. Well here I am. I turned 30 in march. I have 3 boys under 7 and found not one but 2 gray hairs. I plucked them. Then was told not to pluck them because 2 more would grow in it's place. Good gravy, I hope that's not true. So now for sure I will be dyeing it pretty regularly because I'm too young for gray hair!! Ugh. Have you found any gray strands yet? How old we're you when you found your first gray hair?