Are You Gutzy?

My kids are excited about school supply shopping.  A few weeks ago we saw Gutzy Gear in a store and they wanted some.  What they did not know was that I was accepted into the Gutzy Gear party from MommyParties and MomSelect.  We were selected to have a party featuring the new products from Gutzy Gear to share with their friends and cousins.  They were excited when they found out.  So I invited a few friends over for games and prizes.  The first game we played was Gutzy Bingo.  The kids had a blast looking at all the different patches there were.


After we played Gutzy Bingo we played Gutzy dominos.  They all had fun seeing who would get rid of all there pictures first. 

The kids loved earning the Guzty Tokens so that they can trade them in for their Gutzy Gear straps and patches.  I love how its all velcro.  It is not a cheap velcro either, I actually had a hard time taking them apart.  Which is a good thing because then they will not easily be lost.

Since school has started I asked my sons if anyone in there classes has any Gutzy Gear Patches and they said no but a few kids wanted them and my oldest told him to have his mom take him to the store to buy his own so they can trade. 
(Disclaimer:  I received a supply of Gutzy Gear to host a party.  No monetary exchange took place and all opinions are my own.)