Always and Tampax Always Radiant Collection

Being a woman is tough stuff.  With all the cooking, laundry, cleaning, and raising kids to do, who has time to worry about their periods and making sure you have what you need on hand and making sure what you do have is dependable and can keep up with you.  Well, with the new Always Radiant Collection from Always and Tampax, you have nothing to worry about.  I have been using the Radiant collection for my last 2 cycles and have not had any problems with leaking or anything.  I really do feel confident in going out and not having to use the bathroom to make sure there's nothing going on that should not be.  The packaging is also very eye catching and that alone makes me want to buy the products.  The wrappers are not the loud plastic like wrappers that everyone knows what you are doing when you are opening it up.  Instead, they are nice and quiet which is great because I don't need the world to know when I'm on my period.  There is a whole line of products for everyone with different needs.  If you prefer just pads or just tampons theres a selection of them to choose from which is great.  I love having choices.  Thanks to Always, Tampax, and Influenster for giving me this opportunity to try the new products.

Always Radiant Infinity Overnight Pads

With the first-ever re-sealable wrapper, a Cleangrip™ applicator, and the outstanding LeakGuard™ protection you expect from Tampax

Disclaimer:  I received the products above in return for my blog post.  No monetary exchange took place and all opinions are my own.