Sorry I havent been blogging much recently. We are in the process of moving and I've been so busy packing. It is amazing how much stuff you don't realize that you accumulate throughout the years. We have lived in our 2 bedroom apartment for almost 4 years now and there's just so much. I'm excited though. We are moving into a nice 3 bedroom house. It has a big backyard for our boys to run around and play. We are getting a dog and the boys can play with him in the backyard. We will have a screen back porch which I'm excited about. I can already see and plan parties back there. The school is less than a mile away so that means I can walk the boys to school to save gas and get exercise. Bonus :) So all of that good is making all this boring and daunting process of packing worth it. We get the keys tomorrow. We're so excited.