Bobble Bots Review

If you are looking for a fun new toys to put in your kids Easter Baskets, then look no further.  My kids and I were able to try out a new toy called Bobble Bots and they are so much fun.  I had a little party and invited a few moms and their kids and let everyone experience this new toy.  Us moms had fun trying to get everything set up, which was pretty simple and simple is good.  We turned on all the Bobble Bots and we started laughing at how noisy they were as they were moving around.  The kids enjoyed it as well.  It was good to see them getting along and playing and laughing with this toy.  I like how you can design your own city with the pieces.  There is no set way for it to go so the options are endless. 

all the goodies

easy to put together

almost done

Kids getting to play

Having fun

These would be a great addition to kids Easter Baskets for both boys and girls. 

(Disclosure: I received the products for my review and to host a party.  No monetary exchange took place.  All opinions are my own)