Longest day ever

Man today has been a long one. Here it is 8pm and I am finally getting to relax. On Tuesday Evan got out of speech with some kind of reaction in his eyes. They were red and swollen. They were fine yesterday but he woke up this morning with them red and puffy again so we took him to the dr this morning. He somehow got them irratated and by his rubbing them he got an infection. So now he has to have eye drops three times a day. That should be fun. While I was there at the doctor I figured I would ask her about his huge tonsils possibly being the culprit in some of his speech issues and she said it could but in order to be referred to the ENT they would need a X-ray done of his mouth to see how large his tonsils and adenoids are. That was also a fun experience. Waiting in the waiting room with a three and a four year old for 45 minutes. He did really good for the X-ray part. Then afterwards I go to get in my truck only to realize the keys are in the ignition and the doors were locked. After about another 45 minutes my wonderful husband came to rescue me with his keys. That was a long 45 minutes with 2 boys trying to play in the parking lot. Thank God for my iPhone being able to play movies on Netflix. Had to rush to get Evan to his speech appt which we were late for. Then had to go get John from school where my lovely truck decided to overheat. Good thing my husband taught me how to remove the radiator cap and run. I had the truck up and going again in just 5 mins. So proud of myself. Spent the evening looking at a house we are trying to buy. I'm praying it works out. Now I'm relaxing on the couch and probably gonna be asleep in a few minutes but wanted to put a post up since its been a few days. Hope everyone else's day was great!!