Freschetta® Rally for Real Pizza

Do you prefer your pizza to taste like frozen pizza or homemade pizza?  I just added my picture on the Rally Mosiac on facebook on Freschetta's page.  They are committed to making every pizza taste as if you made it at home – with minimal processing; special-recipe meats; crispy, yet tender crusts; and home-spun recipes like our new Brick Oven sauce featuring sea salt & olive oil.   I personally love Freschetta's pizzas.  I love all the options they have available.  The taste is amazing and fresh tasting.  It to me does not taste like frozen pizza which is a great thing because I do not like that taste.  I prefer my pizzas to taste fresh and homemade and Freschetta has nailed it. That is why I am rallying for real pizza.  I also encourage you to do the same thing.  Go add your photo to the mosiac here.  Not only will you be Rallying for Real pizza but you will also be entering for a chance to win some amazing pizzas!  What are you waiting for....GO!

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