Lesson learned

My kids have a bad habit of throwing their toys and stuff when they get upset. They usually lose the toy for the rest of the day when that happens. We do not tolerate things getting thrown. Today my middle son decided to get upset in the car while we were waiting in the pickup line for my older son. When he got upset he threw a toy at me that we just got from a fast food place. That toy bounced off my seat and out my window. Batman now is in the middle of the road. My son was so upset that it happened. He kept asking if I was going to get it and I told him no. Every decision has a consequence whether good or bad. In this case it has a bad consequence. He threw something out of anger and it went out the window and that is where it will stay. I did not get it and hopefully it is a lesson learned. I am not saying that it isn't hard to listen to him cry and asking for it back. It would be so simple to go get it for him but this is a behavior that needs to be changed and maybe this will stick in his mind the next time he throws something.