Learning With Felt, review

I was so excited when I found out that I could do a review on Betty Lukens Learning with Felt products.  I was sent a few different scenes to do with my kids and they love it.  So do I.  These are great products for the kids to do on there own for quiet time and it helps to expand their imagination and learn.  It is also a great product to do one on one with the kids and help them learn about the animals or the bible story.  This also would make for a fun family time activity where each member of the family could tell a part of the story.  The possiblities are endless with these kits.  I had my kids each tell me a story using the felt pieces and they had to do everything on there own.  They came up with some really good stories and used all the pieces that came with the packages.  I like that it allows the children to make up their own story and it not be influenced by anything other than their minds.  Some parts were silly, like the lamb on the roof of the barn but that is what makes it special. 

If you have more than one kit, you could even mix the pieces to make a bigger story.  My kids enjoyed these products so much that I am going to buy a big felt board so that they can have it out in the open and it can be something that they can do freely with a lot of space for their imaginations. 

You can go to the website and explore what all they have to offer.  They have a lot of choices to choose from.  There are Bible Felt Kits and they have Learning Kits.  They are all great priced.  I am glad I was given this opportunity. 

(Disclaimer:  I received these products in exchange for my personal review.  All opinions are my own and no monetary exchange took place.)