I love him

Growing up I always wanted the man that I first fell in love with would be the man that I married and I am glad that it worked out like that. I am so in love with my husband.   He is the only man that I have ever loved or dated. God knew what He was doing for sure!  Yesterday was our 7th anniversary.  We are actually going to celebrate it this weekend since thats when the grandparents are able to take the kids for a night.  I am looking forward to going out on a date with my husband.  With three young children at home it is hard to find the time to be able to go out.  It is also hard to find a babysitter with enough energy to keep up with my boys.  The quality time that we get to spend together by ourselves is great and it comes rarely.  We usually just go to a dinner and a movie but we decided not to do a movie but we will try to do something else.  You cannot really bond or talk during a movie so we are gonna find something more fun that involves us interacing with each other.  So, I am taking ideas on what we can do as a fun date night.