Glow Crazy Distance Doodler review

I was given the opportunity to try and review the new Glow Crazy Distance Doodler.  When the package arrived and my kids saw what it was they were excited to get started playing with it.  I opened up the box to see what was inside of it. 

It came with:

Dual Action Magic Light Wand  (needs batteries which are not included in the box)
2 Large Reusable Wall Canvas Clings
3 Smaller Colored Wall Canvas Clings
4 Stencils
Tip booklet

I placed the cling on papers onto the door of my kids room.  It is in a hallway with no windows so it will be dark and they can see it and have fun with it.  The tips say it works best in a dark room.  So after I hung them up I let me kids play with it.  They all had a blast playing with it.  My kids ages range from 3-6 and each of them enjoyed playing with it. 

We have had this toy for about 2-3 weeks now and it is not a toy that they have forgotten about.  They draw with it just about every day.  My husband and I have also even enjoyed doodling with it.  It is a fun toy to have and it does not take up a bunch of space which is important.

(Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my personal review. All opinions are my own and no monetary exchange took place.)