Our camping trip

We made it home yesterday from camping. I am so wore out. I need a vacation from the vacation lol. It was a lot of work but was so worth it. My kids had a blast. They got to help daddy start the fires and cut the wood for the fires. They played in the dirt and I didn't care. I was letting them be boys out in the woods. We enjoyed seeing the animals like armadillos, raccoons, and even wild pigs. They got a kick out of seeing them. They got to touch a gopher turtle. I didn't know those hissed when you got to close to it. The boys ate almost 3 bags of marshmallows. We roasted hotdogs (actually the boys did it themselves). They climbed up big sand dunes and they convinced me to jump off of them like they were doing. I swore I broke my shin. Luckily I didn't. We went on nature trails along the river hoping to see alligators but no luck there. They asked quite a bit to play on our phones or watch movies on the phone but we didnt let them. This was a technology free week and it was great. This was a much needed family vacation and we are already planning our second camping trip.