Money Making Sites

A while back I had did a post on which sites that I use to make a few extra bucks.  I have only done some of them for a few months and I had enough money earned to help out with Christmas this year which is great.  I have learned of a few more sites so I figured that I would do a new post with them all. 

The first one I use is ICS. Which is short for Instant Cash Sweepstakes.  This is a fun survey site. You answer 3 little questions per survey and you earn tickets and coins and the more tickets you have the more likely youll be to win $50. They have a nightly drawing of $50. They also have a $2 drawing every 4 hours that you use coins to enter. Sounds complicated but it is super easy. So go HERE to sign up for it. They pay using Paypal.

The next one I use is called BeeZag.  This is a site that you can watch ads and watch for 2 scrolling numbers. At the end of the ad you can enter the 2 numbers and get points. I have already recieved $24 from them and I am almost at another $8. So go HERE to sign up for that. They pay  using paypal

The next one is CrowdTap. You get to do discussions and sample shares. You turn your points into amazon gift cards. And the thing that I like from this site is that you actually get to use your points and 5% goes to a charity of your choice. I personally chose Autism Speaks but there are plenty to choose from. Go here to sign up for it. 

Another one I use is Dollar Surveys.  This site takes you to different surveys that are available.  You can take as many surveys as you want.  You get a dollar for every survey that you qualify for and finish.  They pay weekly in your paypal accounts. 

I also now use Opinion Outpost.  They will email you once a survey becomes available.  If you qualify and finish it you get points.  You then turn those points into cash.  They pay amazon gift cards.

I recently found out about Superpoints.  This one you get points for also doing surveys, refering friends, spinning a lucky wheel.  You turn your points into prizes in the form of gift cards to various places.  Click on any of these links in this section to get an invite or just leave a comment saying you are interested in joining as this is invite only.

Lastly, I just signed up using SurveySavvy.  I am fairly new to this one but so far it seems to be doing good.

I only post what I have personally used and know what works.  I am sure that there are plenty of other survey sites out there that you can make more money with but I have 3 little ones that I have been blessed with and I would rather take the time to spend with them when they are home from school and are not napping.  So during naptime I tend to search for some and as I become more familiar with new ones I will be sure to pass them along to my readers!